The amazing new "Classic" game... Available NOW only on KICKSTARTER

Sumtastic a newly invented board game that is already been referred to as "The maths equivalent of scrabble" is currently making waves as being both fun and a great way of understanding mathematics better.

This game can be played by 1 player or more and can be played by ages 7 years and above, instructions on how the game is been played has been translated in all the world's most spoken languages, and modified versions of play are available to support all levels of player.

There are currently a few games up for grabs exclusively via the Magazine and exclusives via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.


The Board game will be fully available at a discounted rate via our Kickstarter campaign in June/July with the general release taking place in August 2018. Our board game will be produced from sustainable materials with ethical packaging and will be shipped direct to your door 

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