Photo of Jeff Carr Videographer

"Sumtastic" was created by a Teacher to not only make maths fun for his own three children but all the others in his care. With the help of Archie his eldest child they set about creating and fine tuning the board game many have now come to love.

The new game has been regarded as a "Classic" already and has been sent to bloggers, Vloggers and other teachers across the globe for their feedback.

In a quest to create a quality game that makes maths not only fun but accessible for all the game has evolved several times until finally reaching is current design.

In late 2017 the design of the game was registered and we set about ensuring the game was made out of high quality materials whilst considering its environmental impact with packaging and sourced components.

In mid 2018 the game will be launched through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with plans to manufacture and distribute independently.

2018. Kickstarter Launch

2018, Large social media response

2018,Testing by acclaimed bloggers.
2017, Final boards received.
2017, Initial testing in schools.
2017, 9 evolutions of board created.
2017, Concept, rapid prototyped.
2017, Initial sketches.